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      About Henri Brana.

      Leaving the safe life and the beaches of Brazil, Henri Brana boarded a flight to Sweden with a toothbrush, a guitar and a dream. Now, 6 tough years later, his long awaited single, “A Place Where We Can Love”, is ready for release on the 2nd of December. A powerful ballad with beautiful layers of guitars, synth-pads and his mellow voice shifting between high-pitches and falsettos, makes this a must-listen for any Coldplay, U2 or Keane fan.

      Henri has fought hard to be where he is today. Ever since his arrival to Sweden, he have had a hard time to adjust to the cold Northern European climate and culture as well as surviving; working as anything from samba musician to moderator of profane pictures for a dating site. But whatever he was doing at the moment, he always had his music nearby. Every night, Henri would go to his computer, piano or guitar and start writing, producing and dreaming of the day he would share his music with the world. After some time in Sweden, Henri dared to send out demos to labels and producers, but the lack of response took it’s toll on him. He remembers it as a dark time in his life.

      “I had almost given up. I had no reason to stay in Sweden and my Visa was expiring.”, Henri explains.

      Instead of just giving up and going home to friends and family back in Blumenau, he would take his iPhone, play his sketches and take long walks throughout Gothenburg. It always gave him renewed positive energy and a belief in what he could accomplish with his music.

      “Those walks reminded me that I couldn’t just give up. I had an obligation to myself to release something, that I believe, would inspire others to keep fighting for their passion and dreams. I want all kids and youths who live in underdeveloped countries to believe that with hard work, persistance and taking chances, dreams can come true!î

      In the absolute last moment, an indie label from Stockholm took a listen to his demos, and that’s when it all fell into place. Henri got signed by Cyber Record Label & Management and haven’t looked back since.

      The first single, “Too late”, was released in 2010 but it took this long for the EP to be completed. On December 2, his second single “A place where we can love”, will be released. The song is produced by Frans Povel, drummer and producer of the Swedish indie-band “The Royal Concept”.

      The process has been long from start to goal but that also makes this release so much more exciting. Finally the world will know what Henri Brana is all about!


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